Vehicular Operations for Protective Services (VOPS 1)


A 3-day protective driving course, covering the fundamentals of low-visibility, motorcade vehicle operations.  This course exposes operators to the elements of protective motorcade operations and mission planning, with considerations for different vehicle types and characteristics.  Perfectly suited for anyone who drives vehicles or manages driving components of security operations, the curriculum is designed to increase operators performance in all protective vehicle operations.



Case Studies and After Action Lessons

Vehicle Operations Preparations and Considerations

Fundamentals of Motorcade Operations

Vehicle Operation in Precision Elements

Route Survey, Selection, and Advance Preparation

Vehicle Surveillance

Motorcade Team Tactics

Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle Physics and Capability Considerations


Length - Full day

Enrollment - Open to Military members, Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, Security Professionals, and Qualified Civilians.  Must possess current valid Driver’s License recognized by Nevada.

Cost - $1,550

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