Invictus Training and Readiness Solutions exists for one purpose: prepare our students to save lives.  Invictus TRS is a collection of professional educators, subject matter experts, and dedicated management staff who ensure that our clients receive the most current, proven information that our industry has to offer.

Our Use of Force, Tactical Training, and Medical training curricula combine to form the complete package.  We can teach you how to fight back, control the threats, and treat the injured, all under one roof.


We employ experts who are specialized in working with all skill levels and their various needs.  Our staff has real-world experience and pioneering curriculum.  Some of our most in demand skill-sets include firearms use, tactical training, security operations training, executive protection, medical and trauma training, and crisis management.


Executive Protection Operator Development
Vehicle Operations for Protective Services
Tactical Driving and Vehicular Considerations
Small Arms Training (Initial and Sustainment)
Scenario-based Training for Crisis and Emergency Management
Medical Training (Civilian/Enterprise solutions, Law Enforcement and Military)
Active Shooter Scenarios
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Certifications
Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Certifications
Full-Spectrum Force Improvement Training Solutions
Comprehensive Use-of-Force and Force Continuum Training (Lethal and Non-lethal)
Defensible Techniques and Tactics
Military and Law Enforcement Agency Tactics (Conventional and small unit)
Life-Saving Equipment Training and Supply
Counter-UAS (Drone Neutralization)

Live-fire training and Simulated Munitions Training packages


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