Our flagship series of handgun courses. Each day introduces the concepts explored and expanded upon in the following days. The Tactical Pistol curriculum is designed for Law Enforcement and other professionals who MUST have the most up-to-date, proven techniques for employing a handgun as a primary force option. Students are expected to train in whatever gear they will actually be using in a confrontation.  If you're a Law Enforcement Officer, this means a full duty belt.  If you're a responsible civilian, these courses should be run from concealment.  The purpose of Tactical Pistol curriculum is to increase your chances of surviving your next lethal force encounter.


Students have the option to attend the full 4-day series for certification, or take days a-la-carte.  Each day is a pre-requisite for the following days.



Equipment Deployment, Choices and Orientation

Combative Fundamentals and Correction

Verbal Action During Use of Force

1-handed Pistol Operation

Abnormal Firing Positions

Use of Cover and Concealment

Barricade Usage and Selection

Proactive Movement

Shooting on the Move

White Light Combat Principals

Illumination Tool manipulations and considerations

Principals of Low-Light Team Tactics


Length - Full Day Courses

Enrollment - Open to Military members, Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, Security Professionals, and Qualified Civilians.  See https://www.invictusops.com/student-eligibility-policies for more information.

Cost -  4-day program: $1,000 per student

Days 1 through 4 a-la-carte price varies on the days desired.

02/06 Tactical Pistol Series


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