Protective Security


Invictus Protective Services Agents are of the highest pedigree in training and experience, and are held to the highest of standards in continuing education, operational readiness, and professional performance.


IPS agents each undergo rigorous vetting processes, extensive training, and continuous professional development through Invictus Training and Readiness Solutions.  IPS agents are equipped with the skills and materials necessary for a broad spectrum of client needs, and are actively monitored and directed by an experienced management team.


We believe in being good, not lucky.  We focus on discretion, confidentiality, and adaptability so our clients can focus on what’s most important to them.  Safeguarding our clients person, property, and reputation are considered with every aspect of our service.

Residential Estate Protection


Invictus residential security agents are provided to clients and their estates for 24-hour armed protection of privacy, property, and people.  Our agents have been thoroughly vetted and are of the highest caliber backgrounds in training and protective services.


Our residence security agents receive continuous training in responding to emergencies, medical aid, criminal activity, invasion of privacy, and interacting with law enforcement.  Our agents will professionally manage visitors, fulfill family requests, monitor assets, and perform all security functions in a discreet, non-invasive way that meet client preferences and private life.

Protective Transport


Our protective transport agents are not simply a car service.  Our drivers are certified and professionally trained protective agents through Invictus Training and Readiness Solutions, who specialize in the safe, discreet transport of busy executives or VIPs to and from venues and events.  Stress free arrivals and departures, timely transports, the highest quality armored or unarmored vehicles, are the hallmarks of our transport operations.


Our drivers and advance agents knowledgeable of the operational area and specialize in coordinating with local law enforcement and personnel.  We are comfortable working with secure venues like airports and government facilities. Protective transport operations can be provided as a stand alone service, or as an add-on to other protective services.

Security Team Training

Through partnerships with Invictus Training and Readiness Solutions, we consult, plan, author SOPs, and train existing security teams and industry partners in every aspect of protective services.


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