02/06 Tactical Pistol Series

Invictus Tactical Pistol - Complete Series

Feb 06 - Feb 09

Las Vegas, NV


Length - Full Day Courses

Enrollment - Open to Military members, Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, Security Professionals, and Qualified Civilians.  See our student eligibility policy for more information.

02/06 Tactical Pistol Series

    • Standard range attire (weather appropriate active wear, sunscreen)
    • Sturdy footwear (boots, hiking shoes, rugged cross trainers)
    • Semi-automatic handgun with at least 3 magazines
    • At least 300 rounds of handgun ammunition per day
    • Belt or Paddle holster, duty or concealment style are authorized
    • Magazine carrier
    • Belt; rigid and sturdy, suitable for range work and compatible with holster and magazine carrier
    • Eye protection and hearing protection
    • Hat with brim
    • Concealment garment (if desired)
    • Tactically appropriate hand-held flashlight with backup batteries for day 4 (low light)
    • Clear eye protection for Day 4 (low-light).


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