Handgun Operations for Protective Services - Level 1 (HOPS 1)


Protective services professionals need to develop a host of varying skill sets in order to be successful, including proficiencies in use of force and team tactics.  HOPS is a full-day, live fire course that introduces the concepts of assault response, client evacuation, immediate action to lethal force threats, and foot formation protocols for contact.  Training begins with key handgun skills necessary for Security Professionals, and progresses towards coordinated response to contact.


When taken in conjunction with EPOD 1, Students will leave with a complete understanding of the fundamentals of protective security foot formations and comprehensive use of force.


Length - 1 Day

Enrollment - Open to Military members, Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, Verifiable Security Professionals, and Qualified Civilians with Protective Industry Affiliation.

Cost - $280

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