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GS3 has full time operations headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.  We operate on lean concepts and collaborate with premier Special Operations Forces Veteran-owned security firms, service providers and suppliers all over the U.S. to ensure that team members (Veterans) are gainfully employed and constantly honing the valuable skills that are the cornerstone of our competitive advantage.

Our core team is comprised of retired and active Marines from the Reconnaissance and Raider (MARSOC) communities. Our clients receive the right mixture of technology, training, personnel, equipment and intelligence to protect tangible and intangible assets relative to the real and fluid specific threat environment.



• Secured Asset Transport and Vaulting/Storage

• Cost Conscious Static Site Security Officers

• Advanced Threat Static Site Protection Agents

• Active Surveillance Monitoring and Response

• Rural, Austere and Minimal-utility Access Security    Solutions

• Risk and Threat Vulnerability Assessments

• Penetration Testing and “Red-Cell” Operations

• Emergency Response Planning (with workshop)

• Full-Spectrum Workforce Industry Compliance     

  Improvement/Training Solutions

• Private Security Industry Officer and Guard              Training

• Proprietary, "in house" or direct-hire security            consulting and third party assessment

• Defensible Techniques and Tactics

• Military and Law Enforcement Agency Tactics

• Training Site Logistical Support

• Commercial Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) 


• Start-Up and new market security consulting   


• Liaison with State and Municipal agencies

• Establishing best-practices and first-principals        in safety and security of the advancing market

• Project-based consulting services and contract   

  /sub-contract management including safety and 

  risk management



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