Executive Protection Operator Development - Level 1  (EPOD 1)


EPOD is the most concise, effective way for an operator or team to gain a thorough understanding of low-visability protective security missions in permissive environments.  The 4-day course is designed to introduce the operator to ALL aspects of Executive or VIP protection operations.  Each day consists of classroom instruction, case studies, discussions, and practical exercises.  Designed to promote flexibility in operator capability through an intense, academic approach, EPOD graduates leave with experience and fundamental understanding that will increase their capabilities in protective operations, regardless of the role they are assigned.


One of the goals of EPOD is to increase the standard of excellence across the board in professional protective operations.  With this in mind,  instructor cadre have high expectations of student professionalism, work ethic, team participation, and appearance.  Written and practical exams must be passed for graduation.  Simply attending the course DOES NOT certify participants.


When taken in conjunction with Handgun Operations for Protective Services, operators get exposed to team tactics and immediate action throughout all levels of force.



Structure of Protective Security Operations

Standards of Conduct and Client Interactions

Protective Foot Formations

Team Coordination and Communication

Legality of EP operations and Travel

Protective Transportation Considerations

Protective Surveillance Operations

Meeting and Social Event Considerations

Protective Operation Advance Work

Site and Route Surveys

Mission Briefs and Planning

Full Mission Profile Considerations


Length - 4 Days

Enrollment - Open to Military members, Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, Verifiable Security Professionals, and Qualified Civilians with Protective Industry Affiliation.

Cost - $1,200

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