ASP Tactical Handcuffing Course

The ASP Tactical Handcuff Course consists of 5 hours of comprehensive training. This program is used in 81 countries throughout the world. The course is specifically designed for Law Enforcement, Security Officers, and other industry professionals.  The techniques taught in this course are court defensible and backed by the nation’s most experienced use of force consultants. This course is meant to provide the end user with a clear understanding of the conditions in which restraints may be used, justification for use, and how to document these actions.

Portation of Handcuffs

Presentation of Handcuffs

Handcuff Application Techniques

Disengagement Considerations
Different Handcuff Designs and Intended Applications

Flexcuff Application and Removal

Length - Five Hours
Enrollment - Open to law abiding adults, 18 years old and older. Must possess valid ID.
Cost - $75


Required Equipment (Available for $15 Rental Fee with advance request)

-Handcuff Pouch
-Handcuff Key


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