Concealed Carrier of Weapons (CCW)

This one-day class exceeds the curriculum required by the Nevada Sheriffs' and Chiefs' Association to apply for your Nevada CCW permit. Our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and depth of curriculum that is hard to find anywhere else in the industry. Upon successfully completing this course, students will be eligible to apply for a Nevada CCW permit.


The fee for this course does not include state licensing fee.  After taking this course, students are eligible and must apply to the state which charges a $100 application fee.

Use of Handgun and Gun Safety
Laws of the State of Nevada
Use of Firearms and Concealed Carry
Criminal and civil liability
Must pass a state mandated written exam and live-fire qualification in order to pass

Length - Full day
Enrollment - Open to law abiding adults, 21 years old and older. Must lawfully be allowed to possess a firearm. Must be lawfully in the United States.
Pre-requisite - Basic handgun safety and shooting proficiency. We are happy to schedule personal instruction if you need prior to this course.
Cost - $100


Required Equipment


30 rounds of suitable ammunition (minimum)

Eye Protection

Ear Protection


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