If you believe you are a good fit for a well qualified team, we’d be honored to hear from you.  Please contact us regarding your interest, and our management team will get back to you regarding further screening.


A competitive applicant will meet the following requirements:

  • Verifiable work history

  • Professional appearance

  • Reliable, responsible, and of good reputation

  • Ability to operate with little oversight and with maximum integrity

  • Experience working in Military or Law Enforcement sectors

  • Willingness to undergo extensive in-house training for specialized contracts

  • Ability to pass an extensive criminal background check, with no history of substance abuse


If interested in a position with Invictus Protective Services:

  • Good physical condition

  • Current Nevada Armed Guard card

  • NV CCW

  • Thorough weapons and use of force proficiencies

  • TCCC/TECC or other medical training preferred


Invictus International and Invictus Protective Services consider applicants for short-term, part-time, and full-time opportunities.

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